Welcome to Tricolom

Specialist Business Consultants.

Tricolom is a UK based facilitator of international business. The company operates in government and commercial markets and works in a number of sectors. Tricolom offers its clients services to enable them to enter new markets and win business in China, India, Middle-East, Northern Europe, Russia, South Africa and Turkey.

Our focus is the Aerospace and Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, ICT, Infrastructure sectors.

Tricolom has expertise in Offsets and has a proven track record in the delivery of Offset projects. Offsets have become a common feature of large value aerospace & defence and Infrastructure transactions and considerable expertise is required to identify and steer a company through the process of successful delivery of Offset obligations.

Tricolom works with a range of clients to assist them in meeting their Offset obligations worldwide. Tricolom also works with clients that wish to make use of Offsets to set up or expand into new markets.